You know.. if someone said ” this was a very hard decision, i cant decide it ” sometime the ugly truth about it is not the the choice but the consequence of it. We have to deal or even live with the choice that we’ve made. 

Now its happen to me. When i have to decide about my job and career, it wasn’t an easy things to do. Maybe some people also faced the same things like “ohh.. i hate my boss” , “i gave to work like a horse”, “i dont have a social life”, “my salary is doesn’t enogh”

all those expression is just some of the common expression that happen when someone complaining about their job. Some of them just swallow those expression for their self and some of them is trying to find another job. 

When i cant stand of the situation that happened with my job, i decide to find a solution. And the another offer and opportunity is come to me ( i shud be grateful for that ).

i get a bigger salary, and another goof benefit…. ( some people will say.. ” you’re so luck, what are you waiting for”? )

but.. it not just stop like that……………………….

i’m also wondering about the new responsibility, new environment and so on.. Gosh ! and what reminds me is just a quote from a wise man :

we are in the same game just different level…

same hell but just different devil…

maybe that just another hell (explicit ) in my life but with a different devil, but what i have to believe is i’m stepping to another level. 

sometime we just need to walk or even run but don’t you ever try to stop. I try to paint the path of my life. i know it doesn’t going smooth sometime. But someday, its gonna be a beautiful picture of my life with a mixing color and texture that will be framed in my heart and my mind. 

so, keep on painting