Same Hell.. Just Different Devil

You know.. if someone said ” this was a very hard decision, i cant decide it ” sometime the ugly truth about it is not the the choice but the consequence of it. We have to deal or even live with the choice that we’ve made. 

Now its happen to me. When i have to decide about my job and career, it wasn’t an easy things to do. Maybe some people also faced the same things like “ohh.. i hate my boss” , “i gave to work like a horse”, “i dont have a social life”, “my salary is doesn’t enogh”

all those expression is just some of the common expression that happen when someone complaining about their job. Some of them just swallow those expression for their self and some of them is trying to find another job. 

When i cant stand of the situation that happened with my job, i decide to find a solution. And the another offer and opportunity is come to me ( i shud be grateful for that ).

i get a bigger salary, and another goof benefit…. ( some people will say.. ” you’re so luck, what are you waiting for”? )

but.. it not just stop like that……………………….

i’m also wondering about the new responsibility, new environment and so on.. Gosh ! and what reminds me is just a quote from a wise man :

we are in the same game just different level…

same hell but just different devil…

maybe that just another hell (explicit ) in my life but with a different devil, but what i have to believe is i’m stepping to another level. 

sometime we just need to walk or even run but don’t you ever try to stop. I try to paint the path of my life. i know it doesn’t going smooth sometime. But someday, its gonna be a beautiful picture of my life with a mixing color and texture that will be framed in my heart and my mind. 

so, keep on painting






Fine Wine & Good Time


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When i said that i love to drink a wine, some people maybe will raised their eyebrow coz i sounds like someone who has an expensive taste of drink, some kind of women who try to be classy or whatever…. but, i already drink wine since i’m in high school..hahaha, that’s true. 

the first wine that i drink is some kind of sparkling wine. My grandmother allow me to drink that coz she also love it. And that was the first time that i felt in love with this special drink.

i call it special not just because its an exclusive or expensive or whatsoever. You should know the history behind it. The history form the first time that those grapes planted and produce and fermented. When you really know the history behind it, all those exclusivity and pricey reason is something that totally makes sense ( note : that’s my opinion, if there’s anybody who think if i sound so ridiculous or over dramatic.. feel free to keep that on your mind and let me tell mine ) 

When i took my major on hospitality management, i got a some kind of subject to learn about food, beverages, bar, and also wine. i also got a test to know how serve and pouring a wine.. and don’t forget about to know how open those cork also.

All of that was so…uneasy at the first time. it’s not as simple as someone pour it  in your glass and you just taste it. The more i know about this wine, the more i love it. 

There’s some country that produce wine in the world such as : 

1. France

2. Italy

3. Spain

4. USA

5. Germany

6. Chile

and so on.. i cant remember it. forgive me for that 🙂 

My favorite one is French wine. French wine have some varieties of grapes such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc and Syrah.

They produce some wine such as  red, rosé, white (dry, semi-sweet and sweet), sparkling and fortified.  I prefer white wine rather than red wine ( semi sweet and sweet ). 

I haven’t known much about wine and would love to learn more about it. It’s totally a pleasure to have a glass of wine to celebrate your happy “me time” ahahahahhaa…because that what i love to do. 

i feels like it also have the same effect with chocolate for me. It’s make me happy, Chill and relax. That’s why i pick it as one of my pleasure bestie when i’m truly enjoying my self.. just for myself…ahahahahhaah so arrogant.   

I hope you already found your perfect pleasure bestie 🙂 



 “Wine is one of the most civilized things in the world and one of the most natural things of the world that has been brought to the greatest perfection, and it offers a greater range for enjoyment and appreciation than, possibly, any other purely sensory thing.” 
― Ernest Hemingway

Lola Versus sex. Lola Versus love. Lola versus life



Movie Time!

I know if the the tittle is kinda bit long and interesting & also make some of you curious. Let me explain, that’s a movie tittle. Yup.. a movie tittle. i’m gonna make some kind of review about it because :

1. I love it

2. Still excited about it ( coz i just watched it last night )

3. I inspired by it

4. Most of all.. I LIKE IT!!!

hahaha.. it’s easy to guess that i’m just madly in love about it. Ok… skip this obsession introduction and let’s jump to the movie before i getting to much exposed bout myself rather than the movie :b

Now.. this is it

Lola Versus Poster


Daryl Wein


Daryl Wein (screenplay), Zoe Lister Jones(screenplay)


Greta Gerwig, Zoe Lister Jones and Hamish Linklater

it’s a romantic comedy movie. First, i am interesting with the line of the cover ” From the studio that brought you 500 days of summer ”  i have some kind of thought that it will be as much as interesting with the 500 days of summer, even one of my best friend said ” don’t be just the same studio, not the writer” but.. i keep on watch it and its worth it (note : my personal opinion, i don’t mind if you don’t think so )

this film is about a girl who gets dumped by her longtime boyfriend just three weeks before their wedding. In response, she sets out with a group of her closest friends on and adventure through life and love that will hopefully help her deal with coming up on 30 as a single woman.

this film is quite inspiring. sometime we already too comfort about our relation without considering the truth of the relationship. Some women maybe admire the perfect guy, the perfect wedding just like a fairy tale ( if you grown up with a fairy tale for your bedtime story, and thanks god that i’m not one of those kid ). When we grow up, everything isn’t the same as fairy tale. I’m not saying if i do not believe in “happy ending or happily ever after” but this life is much more that just a fairy tale. Sometime we have to faced a few relation with a different guy, term and condition before you find your Mr. Right

in this film, you will saw a women who just put her self before the boyfriend and too much obsession with him ( without she realize it ) and she forget about what she want, her own dream and herself.

when she broke up with him, she completely doesn’t have any idea about what she have to do. Her world is totally about him. This is one thing that we have to remember. we have to keep the balance between lover, friendship, work and also family. Don’t get to attach only to one of it. Once you lose it, you will end up like her. In a relationship, we have to be our self. Make him love you just the way you are. We don’t need to be anything that he want or always around him.. don’t loose your self. Sometime its good to loosen up a bit, and focusing on yourself ( note : please also communicate with your partner about it and discuss )

I’m so sad on the part when she totally fucked up and messed things up.. bu that was a process of her life before she find out her breakthrough. When i remember about my “fucked up moment” ( i’ve been there ) i’m so grateful that now i’m taking it as a part of my journey.. and i’m still standing here and keep on writing my story. lesson learned..

Before with point our finger to someone over our problem, we have to check our self first. It’s easy to blame it to others, but the truth is sometime you are the one who fucked up your self and messed things up.

Actually its a quite funny store ( for me.. and silly in a some part that i can tolerated it ) but i just try to get the message of this movie beside all of those things.

I hope that we always learn from every single part of our life and take it as a precious lesson & experience..


I wish I could say that this was someone elses fault.
That it was Luke’s fault, or Henry’s fault, or Alice’s.
But it’s not, it’s me.
– Lola